RSGS Presents 7th Sea

Last Time on 7th Sea (1-30-09)

The man who wanted vengeance, death, life, peace, and nothing to do with the party left the party a package containing two vials containing a powerful antidote.

A deal was struck with Luigi Vampa. He would use his resources to find The Spiders, notably where the hostages were. What he would get in return is another matter.

Last Time on 7th Sea (1-16-9)

Alfred The Butler now freed from his chains was still held in the grips of poison.

The Spiders, having made a hostage of an alchemist that could Alfred, get set up for an ambush by the Heroes

During the fight, the leader of the Spiders fled the burning bar that was used as the ambush. Despite a heroic chase, he got away.

There was another Spider who tried to escape, but he didn’t fair as well as his leader. He ran to the harbor and jumped in. the water turned bloody as he was not seen to surface.

However, there was a man that did walk out of the surf. An undead Inish gent said hello to Viola, then promptly went about his business.

After the ambush, the Heroes return home to find a distraught man who was very upset with the party.

Stay tuned for next week’s exciting session of 7th Sea!

Last Time on 7th Sea (1-2-9)

Alfred The Butler was recovered from captivity, but was he truly freed?

A fate witch sacrificed herself for Viola in an attempt to help the governor’s wife, but was all for not, or so it would seem.

The Spiders made a poor showing at a hostage situation. They didn’t get what they wanted, but they did keep hostages. They will be back.

Raphael Cardones joined the Swordsman’s guild. He did so fairly easily too. Some would say too easily.

The White Dove sent over some wine to congratulate the purchase of the contract withYanna Oleifdoitir, but which one of the group did the buying?

A monk devoted to the saint of death gave the group a statue and told them to make them remember.

Stay tuned for next week’s exciting session of 7th Sea!

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